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ANFM Single Album 2020

This year I’ve decided to take part of a contest organized by ANFM, the Italian Association of Wedding Photographers.

I’ve got a score of 77, which is very good for me considering that it was my first time ever to propose an album to a contest.

Here below you can see my album, from a wedding in Arezzo.

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Back to Assisi Wedding in Reportage 2017

I took part in Assisi wedding in Reportage in 2015 and it was my first photography workshop ever. I remember I was very excited about it. My photography business wasn’t born yet at that time and I didn’t have much experience. I was just a passionate photographer who had shot a couple of weddings in Italy but very motivated to learn.

Some time ago (Feb 2107) I was back again for another edition of this workshop with a new and fresh curiosity. 2 full wedding seasons had already passed and my expectations as a photographer were different.

This time the masters were: Fer Juaristi, Roberto Panciatici and Rosita Lipari: three completely different approaches to photography that gave me a lot of new inputs and thinking.

Fer, a positive and easy going guy, simple and energetic. He taught me that it’s not important to be the best photographer, it’s enough to be different, and of course create amazing work.
How to achieve that? Start with eliminating the obvious from your images, develop and research your vision and people will look at your work with interesting.

Roberto, a free spirit and sensitive guy who works in a very intimate way with his couples searching to create beautiful portraits of people hugging, kissing or just simply chatting. Working and listening to him helped me try something different in my photography – exit my “safety zone”.

Then Rosita, who is rewarded as 2nd best Italian wedding photographer of the 2016 by Anfm, is a true artist. Together with her husband Michele they focus on capturing “real moments” without omitting the quality of the photos. Their work is truly inspiring and makes me reflect a lot about mine.

“If you want to improve your work you should be as a child who’s surprised of the world, focusing on details and small things.”

“Photos are images created by the light reflected on the world, and so if you know light you will find photographs”, Rosita said, and it’s absolutely true.

Spending those days in full immersion with these people was absolutely magic for me. Even if I could only remember and apply a mere 1% of what was said, I believe it was worth being there.

Workshops are great opportunities for me not only to learn but also to share. I have the chance to get to know other experienced as well as beginner photographers and discover new aspects of photography. Just like you need a mirror to see your face, you need feedback from others to judge your photography. Photography reflects your inner self and sometimes it’s difficult to be objective about your work.

assisi wedding in reportage 2017 5

Then back home, it was the time to start thinking about how to improve my work and what to aim for when taking photographs.

The workshop made me discover another little piece of myself and I want to start from this to become a better photographer, or maybe a better person.