I’m Alessandro Morbidelli

About Me.

I'm a storyteller


I’m an emotional who loves to get in touch with people.

I’m Alessandro Morbidelli, I’m a father, a English speaking photographer in Italy, I live in a beautiful area around Arezzo, Siena & Florence (Tuscany), and I’m going to talk about you. But to do it right, I must first tell you about myself.


As an experienced photographer in Tuscany, I specialized in wedding, family, engagements and couple photography. As a photographer i believe in happiness and the good in people. I believe that with a positive mindset all happiness flows to you. My style is friendly, natural & timeless. My goal is to capture your most beautiful moments & stages of life forever – authentic & natural.

With my years of experience in professional photography, my formulas are there to adapt to your request and desires that is, i have what it takes in making your wedding’s most beautiful and last forever in your memory. As a wedding photographer in Tuscany, I never disappoint and I always leave up to expectations at all time.


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