I believe that with a positive mindset all happiness flows to you

Who am I

Thank you so much for stopping by. Here are some little details about me. So, why not grab a cup of tea or coffee and read my little story.

I’m Alessandro Morbidelli, I’m a father, a English speaking photographer in Italy, I live in a beautiful area around Arezzo, Siena & Florence (Tuscany), and I’m going to talk about you. But to do it right, I must first tell you about myself.

I would probably describe myself as a rather lively, and emotional who loves to get in touch with people. I have been into professional photography for 4 years.

As an experienced photographer in Tuscany, I specialized in wedding, family, engagements and couple photography. As a photographer i believe in happiness and the good in people. I believe that with a positive mindset all happiness flows to you. My style is bright, friendly, natural & timeless. My goal is to capture your most beautiful moments & stages of life forever – authentic & natural.

With my years of experience in professional photography, my formulas are there to adapt to your request and desires that is, i have what it takes in making your wedding’s most beautiful and last forever in your memory. As the best wedding photographer in Tuscany, I never disappoint and I always leave up to expectations at all time.

Father, Photographer and Friend

I love music, percussion, rhythm – I play traditional African music with local band.
I like reading biographies book, I’ve been always fascinated from other’s people stories.
I like nature, hiking on mountains and discover new places on foot.
I like visiting houses and see how people live.
I like sunsets and wake up early in the morning.
I absolutely love travel. Travel has always been my passion – not only places, but also people, colors, food and feelings.

Why Chose Me

The choice of a good photographer is of paramount importance at a wedding because the photos taken that day will remain the visible memory of your memories and they will accompany you forever.

Far from the clichés I’m a reliable and serious professional wedding photographer and as experienced wedding photographer, my pleasure is to capture your emotions and your big delusions, and allow you to relive them through my photos from the beginning of the wedding to the end.

With my years of experience in wedding photography, what I give are not just photos, but a reflection of the big day, my relationship with people and responsiveness to emotions. For the choice of your Exclusive Italian wedding photographer take advantage of these possibilities I want to offer you on your forthcoming wedding, and know that all the photos you see on my site are photos taken by me.

You can see my work on Wedding Galleries. There you will find a small glimpse of my work and also, wedding photos taken in Tuscany and all over Europe. These are just perfect examples of what I can offer you during your wedding anywhere in the world!

I love telling stories with my photos and I’d like to tell yours too… and i look forward to it.