Life is constantly changing and I change as well

life is changing alessandro morbidelli

I started to keep an (almost) daily blog when I was living in Sydney. For my convenience I would refer to it as “Vince”.

Vince has been my friend and travel-mate for more than a year. It helped me to face hard times and describe my emotions in a more logical way. I remember that it was fun receiving email and messages from people who followed me. It was my interior voice to express and describe my “new life” in Australia.

All the posts in Vince’s blog were in Italian and I’m still considering if it would be a good idea to translate them and put them back live. They are parts of me and they reflected my way of thinking during that time when I was changing so much.

But most important of all, Vince made me realize an important thing, the real meaning of the word “change”. Since then I started looking at change as something natural which i don’t have to fight with. I have a book that says: “”. How true is it.

Today I woke up still not believing how many things have changed in my life, starting from the place where I live to the people that I lost or got to know during these last 6 years since I left Italy.

Vince finally convinced me that is better to enjoy and living the moment, right now, because today I’m a different person than yesterday and the one that will be tomorrow.

p.s Vince comes from Vincent Gallo, a famous actor who I love.